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Christian Marclay: The Clock

The Clock is a major cinematic work by New York–based artist Christian Marclay. Winner of the Golden Lion award at the 2011 Venice Biennale, The Clock samples thousands of excerpts from the history of film that indicate the passage of time—from clock towers to wristwatches to buzzing alarm clocks—that the artist has edited together to unfold on the screen in real time as a 24-hour montage.

Called “an abundant, magnificent work” (Financial Times) and “utterly transfixing” (Huffington Post), The Clock is Marclay’s most ambitious moving-image project to date, garnering rave reviews from critics and the public alike since its premiere in 2010, and subsequent presentations at a host of venues worldwide.

The work will be screened in the Burnet Gallery, in a space designed by the artist specifically for viewing the piece. Several 24-hour screenings will be organized during the course of the exhibition’s run at the Walker.

Walker coordinating curators: Siri Engberg and Sheryl Mousley

Planning Your Visit to The Clock

  • Entry to The Clock is on a first-come, first-served basis. Wait times may apply.

  • Once inside the gallery, visitors may remain for as long as they wish. The installation has couches and standing room. Capacity limited to 100.

  • Visitors who leave the hall must rejoin the line in order to be readmitted.

  • Cameras of any sort (still, movie, video), cell phones, and all other electronic devices may not be used and must be switched off before visitors enter the gallery.

  • No food or beverages are allowed.
  • There are brief periods of nudity and strong language during The Clock. Visitors bringing children should use their discretion.
  • The exhibition is wheelchair accessible.
  • Personal items such as backpacks, umbrellas, or any other bulky items must be checked.

Expanded Screening Schedule

Runs continuously through at least one complete cycle.

  • June 14–15: Saturday, 11 am–Sunday, 5 pm

  • July 10–11: Thursday, 11 am–Friday, 5 pm

  • August 8–9: Friday, 11 am–Saturday, 5 pm

  • August 23–24: Saturday, 11 am–Sunday, 5 pm

Special Closing-Night Hours

  • Monday, August 25, 5 pm–12 midnight