Teen Takeover: Double Take
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Teen Takeover: Double Take

Join us for the spring Teen Takeover: Double Take, an evening of youth curated performances, hands-on art-making, music, food, and museum activation inspired by the human instinct to seek, find, and understand. You’ll be surprised by what you might discover! Presented by the Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council (WACTAC).

Performing Arts Showcase

Walker Cinema, 7–8:30 pm

Come witness everything from breakdancing to opera singing with performances from the Wünder Kidz, Looney Tunes Break Dancing Crew, Penumbra Theater, Kulture Klub Collaborative, and more.

Pop to the Top!

Cargill Lounge, 6–9 pm
Twin Cities youth took inspiration from cooking battles and designed a competition of epic proportions. Teams of competitors fight for the title of Popcorn Champion. Stop by to compete, watch, or just eat popcorn while guest judges decide who reigns supreme. Soundtrack provided by Radio K’s Those Meddling Kids.

Old School Art School with Shannon Joyce

Target/Friedman Galleries, 5–9 pm
What happens when the art gallery becomes the artist’s studio? Find out when visual artist Shannon Joyce hosts still-life drawing in the exhibition Hopper Drawing: A Painter’s Process.

Hands on Art-Making

Star Tribune Art Lab, 5–8 pm
Expand your notion of map-making! Using exciting and intriguing materials, create a map of the physical and mental places you exist to better understand how we as people are both separated and simultaneously connected.

Make a Stranger Laugh

Lecture Room, 5–9 pm
What makes laughter so contagious? Accept the challenge to crack someone up and connect with someone new as we communicate in our universal language.

Give Us Your Laugh

General Mills Hennepin Lounge, 5–9 pm
What does your laugh look like? Inspired by the work of Jim Hodges, we are gathering everything from drawings to words that represent how we laugh. Add to this large installation to see the humor in it all.

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