Gary Louris and Friends with Barbarella
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Gary Louris and Friends with Barbarella

Music: Gary Louris and Friends

“Gary Louris is one of the unsung heroes of contemporary roots music.” —Paste Magazine

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Gary Louris has built a deeply compelling body of music whose artistry and integrity has won the loyalty of an international audience and the respect of both critics and his peers. Best known for his seminal work with the Jayhawks, Louris showcases songs spanning his entire 30-year career.

DJ: Bill DeVille, 89.3 The Current

Film: Barbarella

Directed by Roger Vadim

“About equal doses calculated camp comedy and unintentional hilarity.” —Slate

Barbarella (Jane Fonda) must capture Doctor Durand-Durand from another constellation to protect Earth from his evil weapon—the Positronic Ray. In a string of outrageous events, she encounters a group of vampire dolls and takes refuge in the wings of a blind angel (John Phillip Law) in this goofy science fiction fantasy. Based on a French comic strip, its rambling structure, ultra-sexualized characters, and deliberately over-the-top effects make Barbarella the cult film it is. 1968, video, 98 minutes.