Momentum: Hiponymous / Luke Olson-Elm
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Momentum: Hiponymous / Luke Olson-Elm

Hiponymous is a newly founded crew of two, comprised of Renée Copeland and Genevieve Muench. With dynamic grit and an ever-evolving aesthetic, the duo is committed to making work that values community, social justice, and queer/feminist representations. Their Momentum-commissioned piece, State of the Moon Address, is a visually and sonically textured movement experience in a dystopic setting of both organic and manicured landscapes. Performers confront cultural patterns and systems that vie to control the body. Sound and set designs will be made in collaboration with local musicians and sound-makers Kalen Keir and Tom Woodling.

With a unique and personal movement vocabulary, Luke Olson-Elm draws inspiration from dance forms ranging from classical ballet to hip-hop. In Minnesota, Olson-Elm regularly choreographs for the Summit Dance Shoppe and runs his own project-to-project ensemble, the Lucas Daniel Dance Company. Recently, he was also a soloist for Netherlands Dans Theater’s resident choreographer Natalia Horečna. Olson-Elm’s new work Broken, an ensemble choreography, explores group dynamics leading to alienation, vulnerability, and doubt. While using his signature fluid dance style, male and female dancers embody precision and sincerity through sometimes slippery, sometimes rooted states of moving. Olson-Elm for the first time combines his talents to make an original sound score for one of his dances, bringing energy and emotion to the stage through movement and music.

Meet the Artists

Postshow Discussion

Friday, July 10
Join the artists after the show for a discussion about the new work.