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Hubert Sauper: Globalism Unmasked

Known for his adventurous tactics and resourcefulness, Austrian-born documentarian Hubert Sauper returns to the Walker with his second feature-length documentary in 10 years—We Come as Friends. Serving as his own cameraman, pilot, and ambassador, Sauper flew his personally built plane into South Sudan—mostly to places he did not belong—to film the effect that factories, missionary camps, and UN posts imposed on the newly formed nation since 2011. A series of personable and superbly edited interviews with Sudan’s citizens show the pathology of colonialism reemerging in the wake of this independence.

Sauper’s first feature-length documentary, Darwin’s Nightmare, premiered at the Walker in October 2005 as part of the First Look program and will be screened again to provide context for the new film. Both show the effects of different types of invasions in Africa: in one an invasive fish decimates a region, the other reveals aid programs with detrimental agendas.