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Richard Maxwell / New York City Players

“One of the strongest directors out there—an artist committed to making us see the world for what it is.” —New Yorker

Out There 2015 kicks off with the world premiere of a new Walker-commissioned work from award-winning playwright/director Richard Maxwell, known for his minimalist, unaffected direction. Tragic, comic, and unexpected, the elegiac and musical work probes the lives, desires, and dreams of three denizens of a dive bar—a fighter past his prime, his manager, and a bartender. The Evening unfolds with monologue, fiction, and live music as the story itself transforms into a living, breathing, autonomous thing.

Although rich with sublimated humor and magnified nuance, Maxwell’s theater works are noted for their non-emotive acting style coupled with an extreme form of neutrality in direction. Circular conversations, fractured silences, and dead-pan absurdity permeate his works, yet one never suspects lurking parody or satire. Instead, the result is a sophisticated, surprisingly moving rendering of the human condition laid bare.

Meet the Artists

Postshow Reception

Thursday, January 8
Meet the artists after the show at a reception in the McGuire Theater’s Balcony Bar.

Postshow Q & A

Friday, January 9
Stay after the show for a Q&A with the artists and performing arts curators.


Saturday, January 10
After the performance, head to the Balcony Bar to join a discussion or just listen in as others hash it out. SpeakEasy conversations are hosted by a tour guide and members of the local performing arts community.