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Victoire / Glasser / Noveller

“Victoire condense moments of focused beauty and quiet conviction from the pandemic distractions of modern life.” —Pitchfork

Composer/electric guitarist Noveller, synthpop chanteuse Glasser, and new classical chamber ensemble Victoire join forces to explore the sonic intersections of woman and machine, manipulation and composition. Sarah Lipstate (Noveller) conjures dense, sweeping soundscapes from her guitar that “call to attention all senses at once, to the point where even the word music seems somehow limiting” (Time Out New York). Through soaring voice and rhythmically driven melodies, Cameron Mesirow (Glasser) creates “a methodical, computer-tethered expedition into the vast, wild expanse of human feeling” (Pitchfork). Hailed as a “postmillennial Mozart” (Time Out New York), Victoire founder Missy Mazzoli composes diverse, hypnotic pieces that encompass indie rock, meditative electronics, and classical minimalism for Victoire’s five virtuoso female players. The evening features solo sets from each artist and culminates in a collaborative finale.

Copresented with SPCO’s Liquid Music series.