Sound Horizon 2016
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Sound Horizon 2016

Exploring the interstitial spaces between live sound and visual art, the in-gallery music series Sound Horizon returns with three of the country’s most respected sonic adventurers. Intended for both close listening and moments of happenstance for gallery-goers, this free, aurally eclectic series features multiple short sets throughout the evening by each artist.

In this sixth sparkling season, join Mary Halvorson, “the most future-seeking guitarist working right now,” who “think[s] out the instrument on a level most couldn’t comprehend” (NPR); Vicky Chow and Tristan Perich, who create “a brilliant, glittering web of piano and 1-bit electronics” (Wondering Sound); and C. Spencer Yeh, about whom the Village Voice says, “The avant-garde stews in which Yeh has dipped a hand, a violin bow, or a mixing board—unruly, loopy, or shrink-wrapped—are legion.”

Vicky Chow and Tristan Perich are copresented with the SPCO’s Liquid Music Series.

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