Jewelry & Accessory Makers Mart Fall 2017
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Jewelry & Accessory Makers Mart Fall 2017

Shoppers contemplate their choices during Jewelry and Accessories Makers Mart at Walker on February 4, 2017 (Photo: Alice Gebura, ©Walker Art Center)

Mingle with the makers while shopping for beautiful jewelry and stylish accessories—the perfect fall pick-me-up! Bring a friend and enjoy this not-to-be-missed Walker Shop event featuring some 30 artists and designers presenting their original, hand-crafted pieces. Walker members receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

Artists include:  Bird Industries, Willa Burke, Yen Chee, Nicole Collodoro, Forefolk Studio, Madison Holler, Farida Hughes Scarves, Indigo & Snow, Karin Jacobson,, Annika Kaplan, Britta Kauppila, Tia Keobounpheng, Emily Kisa Design, Les Bags, Makwa Studio, Julie Meyer Handbags, Robin Ann Meyer Scarves, Milkhaus Design, Meghan Nelson, Beth Novak, Robyne Robinson, Scarf Shop, Erin Smith, Barbara Stellmach, Amy Torello, Vikse Jewelry, Helen Wang, and Wazo Design.

The mart takes place in the Skyline Room from 11 am to 5 pm. Walker members are invited to a special mimosa preview at 10 am.