Antony Hamilton & Alisdair Macindoe: MEETING
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Antony Hamilton & Alisdair Macindoe: MEETING

A fascinating articulation of the body and mind in motion, MEETING is a choreographic study stripped to the bare essentials and combined with a minimalist, invented-instrument concert. This playfully precise work from Australia pairs Antony Hamilton’s compulsive choreography with Alisdair Macindoe’s obsessive machine-making practice. While the two performers share the stage with 64 robotic percussion instruments, a relentless stream of activity unfolds, all propelled by the meditative pulse of the mechanized beat. MEETING composes the body, the space, and the robots into a delightful and riveting movement/sound installation.

50 minutes

Don’t miss a special bonus performance with Alisdair Macindoe on Thursday, February 15, at 6:30 & 7:30 pm, in the Cargill Lounge. Presented as part of Target Free Thursday Night.


  • Support provided by Producers’ Council members Leni and David Moore, Jr./The David and Leni Moore Family Foundation.