One Way or Another (De cierta manera)
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Cinema Revolution: Cuba

One Way or Another

(De cierta manera)

One Way or Another (De cierta manera)

The last film and celebrated masterpiece of Afro-Cuban filmmaker Sara Gómez, One Way or Another takes place in Havana in the 1960s. Intercutting documentary-style footage with a love story, Gómez creates an intimate portrait of a couple—Yolanda, a progressive school teacher, and Mario, a bus driver—exploring their struggles to develop their relationship amid a transforming society. 1977, 35mm, 78 minutes.

Introduced by and post-screening discussion with Leola Johnson, Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at Macalester College.

Preceded by Sara Gómez’s debut documentary short: Iré a Santiago. 1964, digital, 14 minutes.