Free First Saturday: Sculpture Garden Shindig
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Free First Saturday: Sculpture Garden Shindig

Kids on Walker hillside flying kites.
July Free First Saturday (2017) in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Photo by Galen Fletcher, courtesy of Walker Art Center

School’s back in session, but there’s still fun to be had on Free First Saturday. Spend the day in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden! Learn some little-known facts about the art, build your own kinetic sculpture and enjoy the last sunny days of summer.

Free First Saturdays feature free gallery admission on the first Saturday of every month, plus performances, games, art-making, and kids’ films from 10 am to 3 pm. Family friendly food options are available or bring something from home to snack on in the lounge or in the garden.

Art-making: Pinwheel Party
10 am–3 pm, Cowles Pavilion

Daniel Buren’s Voile/Toile—Toile/Voile is made up of striped, colorful paintings, which the artist calls “canvases that sail the wall.” Sitting underneath these sails, you will create a pinwheel that also responds to the wind. Led by teaching artist Roman Feldhahn.

Music Workshop: Learn to Play the Ukulele
10 am–3 pm

Did you know that the ukulele is one of the simplest and most fun instruments to learn? Approachable Music—whose mission is to make learning music easier and more accessible—will be in the Garden with over 30 ukuleles. Pick one up and give it a try!

Music: DJ Frank Lyon
10 am–3 pm

DJ Frank Lyon will be spinning vinyl records in the Garden all day long. Kids and adults alike love his music!

Native Youth Arts Collective
10 am–3 pm

Create a communal paint-by-number design that involves technology and art with the Native Youth Arts Collective and Caroline Karanja. Then, meet the Youth artists and learn about their newest project, “The Internet of Things.”

Caroline Karanja is a software developer, digital designer, and consultant based in Minneapolis. She helps organizations large and small to assess their technology needs and design and implement the most efficient solutions. Karanja also writes a children’s book series, Code Play, to teach technology concepts to young kids. Find her at