Nora Chipaumire: Portrait of Myself as My <strike>Father</strike>
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Nora Chipaumire: Portrait of Myself as My Father

Nora Chipaumire, Portrait of Myself as My Father (Photo: courtesy Natalie Romero)

Fierce and charismatic Zimbabwe/New York–based choreographer Nora Chipaumire continues her investigations of the black body, Africa, and the self. Situated in a real boxing ring, Chipaumire trades jabs with the specter of her estranged father as he fights against prejudice, social pressures, and the weight of history in this bright, loud, and penetrating work. Outfitted with boxing gloves, African talismans, and football pads, they stagger between combat and jest in this symbolic dance-ritual that forces us to question stereotypes of race and gender. Contains mature content. 75 minutes.

Presented as part of the Walker’s 2017–18 performance series, Spot On: Site-Specific Adventures.

Talking Dance with Nora Chipaumire
Join Chipaumire in the galleries on Thursday, March 22 at 7 pm as she discusses the intersectionality of being black, female, and African, the prominent thematic inquiry behind her choreography. Part of Target Free Thursday Nights.

Presented as part of the Gertrude Lippincott Talking Dance Series, made possible by generous support from Judith Brin Ingber.


  • Support provided by Producers’ Council members King’s Fountain/Barbara Watson Pillsbury and Henry Pillsbury.