Design Lab: Tree Time
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Design Lab: Tree Time

In this digital workshop we will take a closer look at our non-human species friend, the tree. Engaging the spirit of the Future Library project by Katie Paterson featured in Designs for Different Futures, Karen Lutsky (assistant professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota) guides you to nurture a new relationship with a tree and with “tree time.” Pre- and post-workshop exercises will be shared publicly online and be used as starting points for a follow-up design workshop in the spring.

Downloadable Guides and Resources

Tree Time Pre-workshop Guide (to be completed before the class)
Pre-workshop Guide Example
Graph paper
Tree Time Post-workshop Guide

Materials You’ll Need

Cell phone (or other device with a camera and app access)
Ball of string
Measuring tape
Four sheets of graph paper (downloadable above)
Pencil or pen
Tape (optional)

Lead instructor Karen Lutsky is joined by project assistants and Great Lakes Design Lab collaborators Ozayr Saloojee (Carleton University, Architecture), Sean Burkholder (University of Pennsylvania, Landscape Architecture), Jamie Vanucchi (Cornell University, Landscape Architecture), Bria Fast (University of Minnesota, Landscape Architecture), Mae Davenport (University of Minnesota, Forest Resources), Marcella Windmueller-Campione (University of Minnesota, Forest Resources).

This talk will be captioned and includes slides with images. To request image descriptions or other accommodations email or call 612-375-7564.

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