Online Event: Free First Saturday at Home
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Online Event: Free First Saturday at Home

Illustration by Gabriel Alcala.

Click here to join us for Free First Saturday at Home! Participate in live events, download art-making activity instructions, and watch short films, all in one place.

To participate in this online event, you will need internet access; a computer, tablet, or smartphone; a camera, and some limited art-making materials:

Paper (plain and graph paper)
Markers or colored pencils
A mirror or piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil
Food coloring or liquid watercolor
Foaming shaving cream or vegetable oil (for paper marbling)
Squirt bottles or straw (for paper marbling)
Shoe box
One six-sided die
A large flattened cardboard box or piece of paper (optional)
Apron (optional)
Chalk (optional)

Available Activities

Create: Paper Marbling
For all ages, may require adult assistance
Live 20-minute demo at 11 am (CDT); instructions available all day

Create your own marbled paper using shaving cream or vegetable oil and food coloring. You can use your marbled paper to decorate the inside of an envelope or to make a card to send to a family member or friend.

Listen: Live Concert with Kashimana
For all ages; 1 pm (CDT)

Enjoy a live set by artist Kashimana and get ready to sing along. All you need is your voice!

Kashimana (“that is her heart”) is a singer-songwriter, composer, producer, lyricist, and artist with a rich soulful blues voice that soars through her original compositions, for which she writes both lyrics and music. Her songs are catchy and paint compelling stories of her experiences growing up in Nigeria and Kenya, traveling through Africa and Europe, and settling in the United States. Her goal is to help people share their own stories through song.

Watch: For Estefani, Third Grade, Who Made Me a Card
For all ages; available 10 am–3 pm

A third-grade student makes a cryptic card for her teacher in art class. Brooklyn-based illustrator and animator Jordan Bruner brings to life Aracelis Girmay’s poem responding to her student’s beautiful and urgent message. Director/animator Jordan Bruner, 2019, 3 min. Created with TED Education.

Watch: Cockaboody
For all ages; available 10 am–3 pm

Cockaboody is a joyful and touching tribute to the spontaneous language and minds of children. Two sisters talk and play together wildly while their mother works in the next room. Pioneering experimental animators Faith and John Hubley made this groundbreaking, magical film using real recordings of their young children’s imaginative and philosophical dialogue. Directors Faith and John Hubley, 1973, 9 min.

Create: Mirror Party!
For all ages; instructions available all day

Artist Michelangelo Pistoletto is well known for his mirror paintings, which feature realistic images of people on the surface of mirrors. When viewers walk by, they are included in the world of the painting. Create your own Mirror Party by drawing your family and friends, and then taping your pictures to a mirror. You can share a photo of your reflection with the friends you drew.

Create: Kinetic Painting
For all ages; instructions available all day

Explore the work of artist Olafur Eliasson and discuss how the artist uses line and movement to create his work, then create your own abstract painting using movement.

Create: Chance Drawing
For ages 4 and up; instructions available all day

Learn about how some artists use chance to create their artwork and do two different activities to make your own chance-influenced art!

Move: Connect across Time and Space through Dance!
For all ages; videos available all day in English and Spanish

There are many ways to connect with friends and family, and one of the best ways is through dance. Together, we’ll learn several short dance sequences by choreographers and artists in the Walker’s collection that explore time, space, body, and connection. Show your family and friends your new moves by sharing a photo or video, then create your own dance!

Explore: Art Tour for Families
For ages 4 and up; videos available all day in English and Spanish

This interactive presentation of three pieces of art explores how artists communicate through their work. All you need is a camera, pencil, paper, and your imagination. Approximately 15–20 minutes.

Free First Saturday is sponsored by

  • Ameriprise Financial

This project is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services

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