Futures Focus: Foods
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Futures Focus: Foods

Servers fighting for equal wages. Grocery store workers deemed essential during a pandemic. Restaurants transforming overnight to crisis response centers. Distillers serving up hand sanitizer instead of cocktails. Food is central to the heart of the Twin Cities and proving key in response to the current moment. As part of the Designs for Different Futures exhibition, this program will unpeel the possible future(s) of the food world as we know it. Hear from members of the local food community on realigning in these times and their views of food futures in the Twin Cities.

For this program, the presenters will each respond in the form of a PechaKucha to LinYee Yuan’s Food Manifesto, featured in the Designs for Different Futures catalog and exhibition.

Presenters include Marcus Kar (Youth Farm), Jonathan Janssen (Liger Hospitality, City Pages Best Bartender of the Year 2019), Gretchen Skedsvold (Henry and Son), Vicki Tran (baker and former server, Bar La Grassa), and Yia Vang (Union Hmong Kitchen).

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“Food fuels our futures, whether what we ingest is the simplest and plainest soil-grown fare or is synthetically manufactured in a lab, and whether we cultivate and cook it with our own hands or outsource that task to others. And our eating habits affect more than just our bodies. Our food cultures have emotional resonance, and they shape the environments inhabited by many forms of life”—Michelle Millar Fisher, excerpt from the Designs for Different Futures catalogue, 2019.

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