Seph Rodney and Lissa Jones in Conversation
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Seph Rodney and Lissa Jones in Conversation

Seph Rodney, left, and Lissa Jones-Lofgren. Photos: Tyler Andrew, left, and Paul Auguston.

Join us online for a live conversation with art critic and author Seph Rodney and Lissa Jones, host of the podcast Black Market Reads. Together, they’ll discuss Rodney’s 2019 book The Personalization of the Museum Visit, which examines recent shifts in museum management toward a model of public engagement and visitor personalization.

Lissa Jones-Lofgren is thrilled to continue as host in season six of Black Market Reads, a podcast produced in partnership with the Givens Foundation for African American Literature and iDreamtv. Jones-Lofgren is also the creator and host of Urban Agenda on KMOJ Radio, providing weekly coverage of issues, trends, and public policy decisions affecting urban people of color, with a special emphasis on using history as a teaching tool.

Seph Rodney, PhD, was born in Jamaica and came of age in the Bronx, New York. He became a staff writer at Hyperallergic in 2016 and is now a senior editor and writer there, focusing on contemporary art and related issues. He has also written for CNN Op-ed, NBC Universal, and American Craft Magazine, and penned catalogue essays for Joyce J. Scott, Teresita Fernandez, and Meleko Mokgosi. Rodney was recently awarded the 2020 Rabkin Art Journalism Award.

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