Collection Playlist: Reassemblage & A Month of Single Frames (for Barbara Hammer)
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Collection Playlist: A Month of Single Frames (for Barbara Hammer) & Reassemblage

A film from the Walker’s Ruben/Bentson Moving Image Collection is paired with a contemporary work that is not in the collection. The two works resonate with timeless, conceptual connections.

Whose film is it? Contemporary artists Trinh T. Minh-ha, Lynne Sachs, and the late Barbara Hammer address various forms of truth-telling and collaboration in cinema. Minh-ha challenges traditional ethnographic films, drawing attention to ways they are conspicuously shaped by the storyteller’s colonial standpoint. Sachs and Hammer elevate the possibility of shared authorship by conceiving a film shaped by Sachs’s vision of Hammer’s material.

Screening right here for free beginning at 10 am (CDT) April 20 until May 4.

About the Films A Month of Single Frames (For Barbara Hammer) by Lynne Sachs and Barbara Hammer As she was dying, filmmaker Barbara Hammer handed Lynne Sachs footage, sound, and writings she made a decade earlier during an artist’s residency spent in a shack on the dunes of Cape Cod. The result is a connective meditation on life and solitude. 2020, 16mm transferred to digital, 14 min. Reassemblage by Trinh T. Minh-ha Playing with documentary filmmaking and ethnographic representation of culture, Minh-ha creates a complex visual study of women in rural Senegal that reflects on complicit interactions between filmmaker and viewer, and asks: whose story is it, who is telling it, and why?  1982, 16mm transferred to digital, 42 min.
AccessibilityThis program will have closed captioning. For more information about accessibility, or to request additional accommodations, call 612-375-7564 or email For more information about accessibility at the Walker, visit our Access page.
  • Major support to preserve, digitize, and present the Ruben/Bentson Moving Image Collection is generously provided by the Bentson Foundation.