Mn Artists Presents: Annie Dugan
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Mn Artists Presents: Annie Dugan

Grid of four images containing abstracted textural images.
Credit: Clockwise from top left: Cecilia Ramón, courtesy the artist; Kathy McTavish, courtesy the artist; Catherine Meier, courtesy the artist; Tashia Hart, courtesy the artist.

Annie Dugan is an independent curator, educator, and farmer. She teaches at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth and the University of Wisconsin, Superior, where she also manages the Kruk campus gallery. Dugan lives on an organic vegetable farm in Northern Minnesota and uses her rural community spaces for artistic interventions including a root cellar concert, a pop-up tent with interactive projection, and a lab space for visual experimentation. In 2004, she founded the Free Range Film Festival in her barn. The festival screens independent documentaries, animation, and experimental work and serves as a catalyst for creative production.

Kathy McTavish is a media composer, cellist, and installation artist whose work blends data, text, code, sound, and abstract, layered moving images.

Cecilia Ramón is a visual artist, teacher, and meditation practitioner who employs natural materials, performance, and site-specific collaborations that explore the lack of control at the core of our existence and our immersion in the systems of nature.

Catherine Meier creates drawings, animations, and large-scale installations of earth, sky, and horizon that are grand in scope and develop over several years of deep listening in specific locations. This experience forms the core of her artistic process.

Tashia Hart (Red Lake Anishinaabe) is an award-winning author, illustrator, chef, and artist who lives and works in Duluth.

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