Volunteer Opportunities at Walker Art Center
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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with the Walker Art Center. When you donate your time and your talents to the Walker, you’re not only making an important contribution to the arts community but also learning new skills and making new friends in the arts.

Current Recruitment Opportunities

Volunteer Performers for Franz Erhard Walther’s Definierter Ort, beweglich Ziele (Defined Place, Mobile Targets) (1984):

For this piece, we are seeking volunteers to stand within the sculpture against a wall. Throughout his artistic career, Franz Erhard Walther (German, b. 1939) has explored topics related to the body, sculpture, architecture, and the concept of action. Walther understands the artwork as an act of communication, a “sculptural action in space.” As such, time, body, language, and memory become the building blocks of his sculptural actions. This piece is activated by a live performer who stands within the sculpture against the wall.



The schedule for this performance will be May-August 2021.


Participant requirements: 

The first half hour of the shift will be prep and instruction time. The remaining part of the shift will be the performance time (activation time) of one hour. All volunteers must be able to wear a mask for the full duration of your shift, no exceptions. There are no restrictions on who can participate in this piece. Accessibility accommodations can be made for those unable to stand for the duration of the activation.


These shifts are all eligible for our Volunteer Rewards program. Plus, as an added perk, all volunteers get a free gallery admission on the day of their shift.


Eben Kowler is the project manager for these performances. If you have any questions feel free to email Eben at Eben.Kowler@walkerart.org or send an email to volunteer@walkerart.org. Photographs may be taken for internal documentation of the performances. By participating in this volunteer opportunity, you are consenting to being photographed.


If you are interested in participating in this opportunity and are a new volunteer, please fill out a Shiftboard application to get started.



How to apply

All scheduling for Walker volunteer shifts is done through a scheduling website called Shiftboard. To get started as a new volunteer, please fill out a Shiftboard application to create a new account.

Once your Shiftboard application is received you’ll receive an email that will detail the next steps for an online orientation. Your Shiftboard account will be activated once you have completed the online orientation and quiz.

For more information please send an email to the Walker’s Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@walkerart.org or call 612.253.3559.