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Walker Reader

Ayesha Adu

As an award-winning director, writer, and producer, Ayesha Adu makes compelling, provocative, well-thought-out, complex films that challenge the audience to ask questions about how they see the world and what they see in themselves. She is also an emerging actor and performer based in Minneapolis. This year, she’s been consumed with creating her gripping short film, Little Men, shot entirely in Minneapolis. Continuing to raise money to complete Little Men, she has held successful fundraisers at LUSH, Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, B-Resale, and GoFundMe. Ayesha’s award-winning projects have been screened at multiple film festivals, Intermedia Arts, online, and MNTV. In the late’90s, as a crew member, she had the rare opportunity to work for Prince, her childhood hero. In 2017, Ayesha was awarded an Emerging Artist Grant from VSA Minnesota to develop the feature length screenplay, Stardust. She also provided a staged reading of the finished script in 2018. She received a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, in 2018, to produce and direct her second short film in 18 years, Little Men. Little Men won a Platinum REMI Award from the 2018 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival short screenplay competition, placed Quarterfinalist in the Atlanta Film Festival screenplay competition and out of 2000 applicants, also placed Quarterfinalist in the Screen Craft Film Fund Grant competition. In addition, this year Ayesha has been a featured regular guest on KFAI’s Rare Fruit and Champaign Jamboree’s podcast to talk about the progress of Little Men.