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Walker Reader

Mad King Thomas

Mad King Thomas is the choreographic collaboration of Tara King, Theresa Madaus and Monica Thomas. Formed in 2004 at Macalester College, they have been showing dances ever since in various Twin Cities venues and beyond (specifically Australia and Russia). Known for their cheeky sense of humor and delight in irreverence, they make dances that people often don't think of as dance. They often investigate power and gender and are invested in exploiting the possibilities of live performance to open up discussion, ignite revolution and subvert status quo, as well as further what the definitions of dance, performance, or art might be.

Mad King Thomas is the recipient of a 2008 SAGE Award for Outstanding Performance and a 2009 City Pages Best Dance Show, as well as past participants in Naked Stages, Red Eye Works in Progress and Isolated Acts, the Walker Choreographers’ Evening, the Southern's New Breed, and the Blacklock Artist Fellowship. They are also excited recipients of a Walker/Southern Momentum commission, performing in July of 2011.

Mad King Thomas is dedicated to Making Things More Awesome. Find them on the web at or on the behemoth, facebook.

Photo by Eric Melzer.