Welcome to <i>Fourth Wall</i>
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Welcome to Fourth Wall

The Performing Arts department is proud to introduce the Fourth Wall, our new platform featuring work focused on contemporary performing arts and the debates and conversations that surround it. Fourth Wall is a refreshed version of The Green Room, a blog that has provided context and critique about hundreds of artists and performance works for several years on the Walker website.

The Fourth Wall will publish a variety of media by local and international artists, scholars, and critics and is additionally dedicated to elevating the voices of emerging authors. It aspires to be a non-hierarchical digital publication, a place to represent authors and approaches to writing that reflect the diversity of contemporary performance, dance, music, and theater practices. 

Existing threads established by the Green Room, such as artist interviews, curatorial essays, historical reflections, artist op-eds related to current events, and performance reviews by Twin Cities artists and critics will continue to be central to the Fourth Wall. The new platform will also feature rich media including video, audio, slideshows, and other dynamic formats that are either entirely new or previously existed elsewhere on the Walker website, as well as more (and bigger!) images and better connectivity with related content across the Walker website. In addition, we’ll incorporate essays on national topics related to the field of contemporary performance as well as cross-posted content with other departments, reflecting the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of the work we present. 

Through numerous viewpoints and myriad content forms, we hope that the Fourth Wall will add an important dimension to the exploration and interpretation of live arts, both on and off the stage. 

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