CSA Archive

CSA Archive
Charles S. Anderson
  • Graphic Design

The CSA Archive is one of the largest licensable graphic artwork collections in the world, numbering more than 50,000 images. Charles Spencer Anderson, who helped put Minneapolis on the nation’s design map with his own witty take on the American commercial art vernacular, can trace his collection of graphic ephemera to 1974, when Clyde Lewis, a childhood mentor, handed over a cache of his hand-drawn illustrations. Anderson has since amassed an extensive archive of vernacular graphics drawn from old newspapers, magazines, and other printed ephemera and novelty items. Images for the archive are sourced, researched, digitized, redrawn, tagged, and indexed and made available online. The first book of CSA Archive images was published in 1995. In preserving this slice of graphic design history, the CSA Archive may be the largest collection and preservation project of its kind.