Martin Olav Sabo Bridge

Martin Olav Sabo Bridge
URS Corporation
  • Architecture
  • Urbanism

Named for a former local Congressman who helped secure funding for such transportation projects, this bicycle and pedestrian bridge is 2,200 feet long, with a 220-foot span over Hiawatha Avenue. The bridge allows an uninterrupted connection and continuation of the Midtown Greenway, a major east-west bike corridor and footpath that crosses Minneapolis. The bridge’s silhouette is distinguished by an angled, asymmetric, 100-foot-tall cable-stay tower, making it the first suspension bridge in Minnesota. Designed by URS, a company based in San Francisco, the dynamic, single pylon, cable-stay design follows in the wake of Santiago Calatrava’s bridge designs that helped reinvigorate the typology starting in the 1990s. In 2012, two cables were found detached from the mast due to wind-induced vibrations. The cables were attached and new anchor plates were installed and the bridge reopened later that year.