Minneapolis Skyway Map


Courtesy Carticulate Maps

Minneapolis Skyway Map
  • Graphic Design

Kate Chanba and Matt Forrest are the founders of Carticulate, a New York-based company specializing in mapping. Both are from Minneapolis and studied in the cartography program at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and have a discerning eye and interest in design. In 2011, while working in downtown Minneapolis, they elected to redraw the city’s skyway map, reimagined as a kind of subway system with color-coded lines. Since the skyway system in Minneapolis does not conform to any true centralized planning scheme, the myriad connections between buildings are confusing to visitors and locals alike and a pronounced lack of coherent wayfinding cues further exacerbates the problem. Carticulate converted each building connection as a stop on a journey, devising pathways north to south and east to west across the downtown, with major intersections as larger hubs.