The Replacements Stink

The Replacements Stink
Bruce Allen
Twin Tone Records
  • Graphic Design

Peter Jesperson, a co-founder of Twin/Tone Records, was also the manager of the legendary Minneapolis band, The Replacements. Upon hearing the song, Kids Don't Follow,'' Jesperson was convinced of it potential and pleaded with the other co-founders of Twin/Tone to issue an EP, uttering:I will do anything to get this out. I will hand-stamp jackets if I have to.” The self-deprecating, self-titled release was packaged in a simple but memorable plain white album sleeve with the words hand-stamped on the cover by Jesperson with the help of a larger group of band members and friends. The result, with its clear concept, sense of urgency, and its do-it-yourself ethos, is an iconic example of punk album design. Debuting on June 24, 1982, the EP had three pressings (and stampings) of about 5,000 copies.