Town and Country

Town and Country
Eva Zeisel
Red Wing Pottery
  • Product Design

Eva Zeisel was commissioned by Red Wing Pottery in 1945 to design Town and Country, a new line of dinnerware for the company. The series includes a teapot, a lidded bean pot, a jug, a creamer, a mustard pot, oil and vinegar cruets, and a pair of salt and peppershakers. The soft, rounded, organic forms of her earthenware set, offered in a range of mix-and-match colors, created an informal approach to dinnerware that captured the spirit of midcentury modern America. Zeisel has referred to this collection and indeed her larger body of work as “mother and child,” a reference to anthropomorphic forms that often nestled and intertwined with each other as well as the family-like groupings of larger and smaller vessels.