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Ellsworth Kelly, Study for Red Green Blue, 1964 Gift of artist, in honor of Judy and Kenneth Dayton, 2008

Objects—from the beautiful and the novel to the rare and the utterly typical—have been at the heart of the museum experience for centuries. The world of objects is our “visible past,” a vast profusion of things that offers tangible proof of human history, marks the passage of time, and makes history and culture understandable on a very basic human level.

The Walker Art Center’s collection comprises more than 11,000 objects that tell multiple stories about the arts since 1900. Our holdings include painting, sculpture, photography, and printmaking as well as video installations, films, books, digital art, and objects in many other forms. This small sliver of our visible past will be preserved and available for many future generations of Walker visitors.

Each year the Walker’s collection grows through purchases and gifts. Works of art are purchased through designated endowed funds that generate income, a portion of which is used each year for acquisitions. Gifts of art come from collectors who believe that their treasured objects should be available to all. Creating a permanent legacy at the Walker through the gift of art is a marvelous contribution to the future, adding depth and breadth to the collection.

For more information about making a gift of art to the Walker Art Center, please contact Remy Mason at 612.375.7672 or by e-mail to