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Established in 2001, the Walker Art Center’s Collectors’ Council provides members with opportunities to gain exposure to the “art of our time” through access to curators, artists, and specialists with knowledge of the issues and practices of contemporary art and design. Intended to educate and provide social and intellectual exchange with the Walker’s visual arts and design staff, the Council serves as a forum for dialogue and learning as participants advance their own interest and enthusiasm for contemporary culture.


The Council includes a chair or co-chairs and Sponsor, Founder, and Patrons’ Circle level members. Each Council member must be a current Sponsor ($500), Founder ($1,000), or Patrons’ Circle member ($2,500). Council members at the Sponsor or Founder levels should be under the age of 40. Members at the Patrons’ Circle level will have access to all Council events, and members at the Sponsor or Founder levels will have access to all events with the exception of select private collections and travel opportunities.

Walker Staff Liaisons

  • Victoria Sung, Assistant Curator of Visual Arts
  • Kerstin Beyer, Director of the Annual Fund

Collectors’ Council Co-chairs

  • Chris Haqq
  • Dr. Valerie Lemaine

Collectors’ Council Meetings

The Council meets six to ten times per fiscal year. Events are centered around experiences and educational opportunities that encompass distinct elements, including visiting speakers from the art and design sectors, the pragmatics of collecting (i.e., gallery, private, museum, and corporate collections), Walker exhibitions in-depth, and tours of local artists studios and arts organizations. In addition, Patrons’ Circle Council members have the opportunity to visit one private collection per season and attend the annual trip to Miami with VIP access to Art Basel Miami Beach, America’s preeminent contemporary art fair.

Collectors’ Council 2021–2022 Season Events

  • Party In/The Garden Auction Preview, September 14, 2021
  • Highpoint Center for Printmaking Field Trip, October 5, 2021
  • Jim Amberson Virtual Collection Visit, January 19, 2022
  • Twin Cities Gallery Tour with Mary Ceruti, April 9, 2022
  • Tour of Liz Larner: Don’t put it back like it was, May 3, 2022
  • Sherer Private Collection Visit, June 7, 2022

Responsibilities and Duties of Participants

    1. Actively engage in Council events throughout the year.
    2. Chair(s) work with staff liaisons to request external meeting spaces and seek new members to ensure that the Council grows at a reasonable and sustainable pace. Chair(s) also represent the views of Council members where possible, and consult with curators and development staff on possible Council events.
    3. Council programs are driven by the Walker’s Visual Arts and Design liaisons and associated curatorial teams with ongoing feedback from Chair(s) and Council members pertaining to special interests and opportunities.
    4. Encourage the participation of fellow Council members, Walker Trustees, and other potential members in Council meetings.
    5. Review and update the Council Charter periodically as conditions dictate.

Collectors’ Council Emerging Artist Acquisitions Program

The Collectors’ Council Emerging Artist Acquisitions Program (CCEAAP) is an opportunity for Council members to participate in the growth of the Walker Art Center’s permanent collection and create a lasting legacy of their involvement. The goal of the CCEAAP is to provide an avenue for “first works” to enter the collection. Each year, a new emerging artist is chosen, with preference given to those who have shown work at the Walker and/or been commissioned by the Walker. Council members are invited to view three works selected by Council leadership and Walker Curators then all CCEAAP donors are invited to vote on a final selection. The final selection will be permanently credited to the CCEAAP of that year and all donors will be acknowledged publicly in the Walker Annual Report and Lobby Donor Panels. Participation is open to members of the Collectors’ Council. By all contributing towards the goal, the group leverages their purchasing power and are able to gift a significant work to the Walker.


The Collectors’ Council may engage the participation of any Council member to participate or assist in Council events.
For more information about the Collectors’ Council, please contact Kerstin Beyer at or 612-375-7562.


The Walker Art Center Collectors’ Council 2021–2022 season is sponsored by

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