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Get inspired. Get in free.
Gallery admission is free from 5 to 9 pm every Thursday night.

Target Free Thursday Nights are still free! Timed admission tickets are $0 and required for all visitors. Claim your ticket and entry time now.

You can also enjoy a variety of free programs online: exhibition tours, art-making workshops with local artists, and more. Check back regularly for updates.

What is Target Free Thursday Night?

Every Thursday night, enjoy free admission and programs, funded by our generous sponsor Target. The local company, headquartered just a stone’s throw away in downtown Minneapolis, is dedicated to supporting arts and cultural experiences for all audiences.

Heads up, all visitors need a ticket—even for free admission.

Target Free Thursday Nights look a little different right now. No more packed galleries with live programs or meet-ups with dozens of friends—but you can still count on spontaneous encounters with art and people, it’ll just be physically distanced.

Since we can’t gather together on Thursday nights like we used to, we’ve created weekly suggestions on how to engage with the galleries and free notebooks to get your art on. One thing is for sure: galleries are still free and open late until 9 pm.

What do I do when I show up?

Here are some tips on how to still have a unique, creative experience on your favorite night to visit the Walker, Target Free Thursday Nights:

Grab a notepad and pencil at the front desk to sketch pieces in the galleries. Here are a few ideas in case you’re feeling uninspired:

You can choose something to draw in the gallery—either sketch freehand or choose an artwork that intrigues you.

Sketch some angles of the building itself. There are some interesting lines in both the original Gallery Tower (with the bricks) and Theater Tower (the silver cube).

Try slow art: choose a few pieces that call to you and challenge yourself to spend a little extra time with them. Maybe even set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes—yes 10 minutes! It may seem like a lot, but it will give you a whole different perspective on the work. Write down your reflection in your notepad!

Draw a self-portrait inspired by the portrait wall in Five Ways In: Themes from the Collection.

Imagine a new sculpture for the Walker hillside! Would you place it near the Esker Grove restaurant, or perhaps closer to James Turell’s Sky Pesher, 2005? What would you name your sculpture?

Which gallery do I start with?

You can start in any gallery—some exhibitions will take up several gallery spaces and some just one. Ask a Gallery Assistant or grab a visitor guide to see what’s on and where.

The galleries at the Walker change pretty regularly. Exhibitions can be on view anywhere between three months and three years, depending on the show. We can have from one to five shows up at any given time.

If you saw a piece or an exhibition that you loved a few years ago, chances are the work might still be around, but the exhibition will have changed. Ever wonder where that Dolphin went (Dolphin Oracle II by Piotr Szyhalski)? Or that giant crashed car (Unpainted Sculpture by Charles Ray)? These are pieces in the Walker’s Permanent Collection that are presented for specific exhibitions designed by Walker curators, but not everything is on view at any given time. Learn more about our collections and our Visual Arts department.

Are there events happening right now?

We aren’t hosting many live programs for now, but free programs are available online. These will be presented on Thursday as part of Digital Target Free Thursday Nights. We will dive deep with exhibition-related programs and live digital workshops, stay tuned and check out our calendar here.