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Thank you for your interest in booking a group visit to the Walker Art Center! Please note the following guidelines:

Tour Dates

We offer guided group tours Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 11am–6pm. Requests for tours later in the afternoon will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Group sizes for schools

We can accommodate two classes at a time, totaling up to 60 students for guided tours. If your group is booking a tour + Art Lab, we can accommodate up to 75 students. A group at the Walker consists of up to 15 students. If you bring two classes, with a total of 60, we will divide the two classes into 4 smaller groups.

If you plan on coming with additional classes, you can fill out just one form for your 60/75 students. If you have more than 75 students, it is possible that we will still be able to accommodate your group. Please contact the Tours Coordinator to discuss your options.

If you are bringing just one class with over 20 students, we will divide your class into 2 smaller groups.

For inquiries about bringing a group to the Walker Art Center or Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, please contact