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Tips for Visiting with Kids

Before Your Visit

  • Find out about the current exhibition and talk to you children what they might see.
  • Become familiar with the guidelines for visiting the galleries.

General Information

  • Snacks, sandwiches and beverages are available at the Walker’s restaurant, Esker Grove or enjoy a snack from home in any of the public spaces.
  • Convenient parking is available in the ramp or on the street.
  • Strollers are permitted in the galleries.

During Your Visit

  • Explore the galleries at your children’s pace. Take breaks and know that you do not need to see everything in one visit.
  • Ask your children questions while looking at the works of art. What do they see and why they think that? Ask about color and materials they see. Play a simple game of I Spy.
  • Sketch in the gallery. Forgot paper? Ask the front desk for a sketch pad. Only pencils are allowed in the gallery.
  • Purchase a WACPAK at the lobby desk, an artist designed activity pack to keep your children busy.


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