Sylvie Lichterman + crowd at the opening of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (1988)

Carol Lichterman

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When I became a charter member of the brand new Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, I invited my mom, Sylvie Lichterman, then 75 years young, to join me for the opening ceremony to kick off the presentation of the garden to the public, she gave me an enthusiastic “YES!” We walked the garden oohing and ahhing at all of the wonderful shiny new sculptures, and when I asked Mom to select the one with which she wanted to be photographed, she chose Spoonbridge and Cherry with no second thought. At her first glimpse of it, her sky blue eyes lit up and her smile was so big that the dimples in her cheeks were as deep as the Sculpture Garden’s pond. When the ceremony was over, we decided to go for lunch. Mom’s comment was: “Let’s skip the main course and just go for dessert. All of a sudden I feel like having an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top.”

This is Sylvie enjoying the grand opening ceremony for the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Every time I explore the Garden now on my own, I think of her and how we enjoyed its opening together.

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