New pleasures in the gallery with grandchildren (2014)

Donald R. Wester

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Our early Walker Art Center experience: Although we probably visited the Walker before we had children, our first memory is walking into the museum with our four small children in tow. There seemed to be an immediate alert sent to all guards, undoubtedly due to experience with other young families. We were quickly admonished not to touch the white walls (and they were all white); and when we gathered near a sculpture or other free-standing piece of art, there was always a guard keeping watch over the children. As a result of that experience, we did not return often when our children were small.

But the Walker has clearly changed in its welcoming stance over the past years; this past weekend our two youngest grandchildren participated in a number of the family oriented art events. And our grandchildren are all familiar with “The Large Blue Horses” and Chuck Close and, of course, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. It has been a joy to see their development, both as observers and as early creators of artworks.

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