A Salad is Worth a Thousand Smells (2014)

Abigail Anderson

Of2014 salad 0710 09

For Open Field, and in association with the exhibit “Art Expanded: 1958-1978,” Allison Knowles, a leader of the Fluxus movement, and her collaborator, Joshua Selman, staged her event score “Make a Salad,” first performed in 1962. In short, the piece involved making and serving a very large salad to an audience, accompanied by live music (and using a blue tarp). This photo shows Sarah Schultz, Director of Education and Community Programs, at the event. What struck me most about the experience were the smells. I was in the front row, and could smell the seaweed-y scent of nori as Joshua shredded it in his improvised shredder-musical instrument, as well as the lemon juice that Alison used to douse the salad.

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