Franz Kamin (1993)

Nor Hall


Ben Kreilkamp took this photo of Franz Kamin and me in the Walker’s old lobby when we were arriving at the Fluxus show, “In the Spirit of Fluxus.” We didn’t know until seeing the show that Franz was actually in it.

Joan Rothfuss tried to help me find a photo in the archives (bless her) but we couldn’t come up with it. As I recall, it was a black and white photo of a performance event at the Water Tower in NYC. Franz was in black, with black glasses, short pants, skinny, standing at the left side of the action in a group of onlookers. Before he moved to Minnesota, he had been part of the Fluxus set – performing with Jackson Mac Low, for instance, and doing his own poetry and compositions. He also assisted Charlotte Moorman with her avant-garde festivals and was interviewed for Joan’s book, “The Topless Cellist.”

Franz is gone now, so it is lovely to have this memento of him – looking grumpy, but that was typical.

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