Aunt Alma (1975)

Peter Georgas

1976 34 b1 alma walker

Alma Walker served on the museum’s Board of Directors in the 1960s. She was married to Willis, one of TB Walker’s five sons. She was in her 90s when I knew her (she lived to be 106), and we all affectionately called her Aunt Alma.

She flew in from California to attend annual meetings of the Board, staying at 510 Groveland. One year, it was my responsibility to pick her up and drive her to the museum for the meeting. She walked with me from the parking lot to the lower level of the original building to take the elevator to the conference room, a tiring hike for someone as old as she. By the time we got there the meeting had already started and the door was closed. No matter – I think she planned it that way. She held my arm and asked me to wait. We stood there for a minute or so as she caught her breath and made sure her dress was smooth and her hair was in place. Then she nodded at me to open the door and she swept into the room like the queen she was.

Betty Nelson made a giant cake replica of the “Jade Mountain” for Aunt Alma’s 100th birthday party in 1975. I don’t have a photo of the cake, but did find this photo of Aunt Alma at the party, at the home of Ken and Judy Dayton.

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