the thrill of creating (1958)

David Kwiat


When I was about 8 years old my mother took me to the Walker Art Center. This would be in the late 1950s. I had the wonderful experience of being allowed to paint my very own picture in water color. I was quite pleased with my creation and it is my memory that this was the very first time that I felt the thrill of creating something all by myself. I brought the picture home and my mother saw that I was excited about what I had painted – and so she immediately framed it – which, of course, made the picture all that more impressive. However, my enthusiasm dissipated when I realized that it wasn’t really that good a painting – but I quickly dispelled those doubts when I turned the picture upside down and suddenly saw a road and a house on a hill which did not seem to have been there in its original position when I had painted it. To this day the picture remains “upside down.”

I can only imagine how many other children like me in the second half of the 20th century as well as children now in these early years of this century have been impacted by the outstretched hand of the Walker Art Center, touching and fostering the creative growth of our community.

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