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Karen Kasel

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My favorite memory of my many visits to the Walker was the Tino Sehgal exhibition in 2007. I am an artist, and at that time in my career I was only painting and drawing, and yet was fascinated by Tino Sehgal, who makes art without making objects. I also love surprises, and especially surprises in a white gallery space where we least expect it, where we are used to walking with our hands to ourselves, keeping our joy at works of art quiet, so as not to disturb the other visitors.

I remember entering the Walker and saying to the employees at the front desk, “I hope I get to experience one of Tino’s pieces!” I was giddy. As I wandered through the galleries, a young man was standing still in a quiet area of the gallery. I made eye contact with him–and there it was! He started doing a dance and singing a song to me! I was overjoyed!!

Best memory ever. (Next to turning a corner in the gallery and seeing Marurizio Cattelan’s “May She Rest in Peace”. But that’s another story … )

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