What are the chances?! (2014)

Todd Balthazor

Img 1484

Oh man! I was in Gallery 6 today at about 10 minutes before closing time, when three people came in. One was holding this drawing that I did illustrating the Walker Art Center building’s timeline. We’d just put a stack of them out earlier that afternoon, and these were the first people I’d seen carrying one. I was excited about that, but even more excited when I learned that one of them was “Walker royalty”: great-granddaughter of TB Walker, who founded the Walker, and also daughter of Daniel Defenbacker, who launched the Community Art Center program for the Works Progress Administration and then served as the first director of the Walker Art Center. What are the chances?!

They loved my timeline illustration and asked me to sign a copy for each of them. I should have had them sign something for me, too!

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