WACTAC #19 (2014)

Mischa Kegan

Ecp2014po tac 0501

In 2014, the Walker Art Center’s Teen Arts Council worked pretty closely with Jim Hodges, and as a nod to him we decided to dress in denim and stand in front his piece Untitled (one day it all comes true) when it was time for the annual portrait.

Pictured (from top left): Alexis Moore, Owen Dennehy, Christina Alderman (staff), Calvin Hafermann, Maria/Mark Arginteanu, Lexi Herman, Mischa Kegan (staff), Natalia Salinas, Finn Roy-Nyline, Laura Robards (staff), Ingrid Topp Johnson, Patrick Risberg (staff), Haley Holsather, Chloe Fouilloux, Emma Johnston, Pablo Helm Hernandez, and Reilly Patrick.

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