Yoko Ono’s hotpants (1993)


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Mystery History: What’s happening on this scene from the opening of the exhibition In The Spirit Of Fluxus?

In his article “The Index, Fluxus, Chance, History and Performance,” James E. Hart writes, “I did not see the show at the Walker, nor did I attend the opening. While talking to two friends who did attend I asked, ‘Was Yoko there?’ My friends said that Yoko was not there, but that she sent a pair of her red hotpants (circa l970) in her stead. Yoko stipulated, according to my friends, that the red hotpants ‘could be had for a price,’ but they had to fit the buyer. The Walker auctioned off this object during the opening, causing a small ruckus, so the story goes, as both men and women tried to fit the hotpants over their tuxedo trousers or under their evening gowns in order to qualify for ownership.”

(Read more at http://www.markszine.net/402/jhind.htm)

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