Body Prayers: Choreographers’ Evening Special Edition
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Body Prayers: Choreographers’ Evening Special Edition

“A composite image features six portraits of Black dancers and choreographers, posed and in performance, each highlighted in a single color of blue, green, orange, pink, red, or yellow. The performers all have bold lines painted on their faces in the style of traditional African face painting. In the foreground of the blue portrait, a dancer in a billowing costume covering one shoulder looks toward the sky with arms outstretched above hip level, hands flexed; in the background, a dancer looks left in profile while holding up a lit candle that illuminates their painted face. In green, a seated dancer in a blouse cradles the head of another performer in their lap, tenderly leaning toward them. Bathed in orange light, a pair of dancers dressed in hoodies pose together, one rests their head on the other’s shoulder. In the foreground, one dancer leaps above the other, captured in movement. In the pink portrait, two dancers with scarves wrapped or draped on their heads stand next to each other; one looks at the camera in profile. In the foreground, they twist around each other, arms, legs, and bodies curving and in motion. In red, two bearded performers in embellished outfits, one wearing horns and the other a tall hat, reach out and lean in toward the camera. In yellow, a solo dancer in the foreground, dressed in a unitard, kicks up one leg toward the camera, leaning back with their bare foot flexed and extending above their head. In the background portrait, a dancer stands tall as light shines on their natural black hair and across one shoulder.”
Clockwise, from top left: Ginga da Bahia (Irenio Dos Santos); Aneka McMullen and Julian Hines; Canaan Mattson and Colin Edwards; Voice of Culture (Ebrima Baye Sarge); Brother(hood) Dance! (Ricarrdo Valentine and Orlando Zane Hunter Jr.); Al Taw’am (Khadijah Siferllah-Griffin and Iman Siferllah-Griffin). Photos: Awa Mally for Walker Art Center. Creative concept and direction: DejaJoelle.
About Choreographers’ Evening

For more than four decades Choreographers’ Evening has celebrated up-and-coming and established experimental movement-makers in the Twin Cities, brought together by a guest curator. This year’s edition of Choreographers’ Evening has shifted to summer 2021 from its long-standing November date due to the closure of the Walker’s McGuire Theater at this time.

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