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costumes for Fabrications

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COSTUMES: Knee-length short sleeve dresses with individual patterns in three general color palettes: reds, blacks, blues. Women's seamed footless tights in blue, reddish pink, lavender, cream. Men's short sleeve button down shirts converted into body suits and matching pants. Men's matching tops/bottoms are either black, royal blue, or cream. FIRST PERFORMANCE: Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN; February 21, 1987 FIRST NEW YORK PERFORMANCE: City Center Theater; March 3, 1987 FIRST CAST: Helen Barrow, Merce Cunningham, Victoria Finlayson, Alan Good, Catherine Kerr, Chris Komar, David Kulick, Patricia Lent, Dennis O'Connor, Karen Radford, Rob Remley, Kristy Santimyer, Robert Swinston, Carol Teitelbaum, Susan Quinn Young MUSIC: Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, Short Waves
Knee-length short sleeve dresses, footless tights, short sleeve button down shirts converted to bodysuits, pants
Credit Line
Walker Art Center, Merce Cunningham Dance Company Collection, Gift of Jay F. Ecklund, the Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation, Agnes Gund, Russell Cowles and Josine Peters, the Hayes Fund of HRK Foundation, Dorothy Lichtenstein, MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation, Goodale Family Foundation, Marion Stroud Swingle, David Teiger, Kathleen Fluegel, Barbara G. Pine, and the T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 2011
Accession Number
.1 PL; .2 HB; .3 LM; .4 CT; .5 EN; .6 ED; .7 KB; .8 MC; .9 CK; .10 CK; .11 RS; .12 RS; .13 DK; .14 DK; .15 RW; .16 RW; .17 RSa; .18 RSa; .19 DO; .20 RR; .21 AG; .22 AG; .23 LM; .24 EN; .25 CT; .26 ED; .27 JW; .28 PL; .29 HB; .30 KB; .31 KR