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costumes for Nocturnes

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COSTUMES: Short white veiled headdress with mirror bordered with artificial hair braid, square tassled headdress with silk mortarboard and tassels, headdress with domed wire armature and silk fabric covering, 2 red beaded garters, 3 rhinestone bracelets, men's white longsleeve blouse body suits, women's white longsleeve turtleneck leotards, white seamed footless tights, muslin cape/cover, white elastic belt, box of red, green, and purple face make-up sticks, denim covered circular container FIRST PERFORMANCE: Jacob's Pillow, Lee, MA; July 11, 1965 FIRST NEW YORK PERFORMANCE: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY January 12, 1957 FIRST CAST: Merce Cunningham, Carolyn Brown, Viola Farber, Marianne Preger, Remy Charlip, Bruce King MUSIC: Erik Satie; Nocturnes (for piano)
Veiled headdress with mirror, square tassled headdress, headdress with domed armature, beaded garters, rhinestone bracelets, blouse body suits, turtleneck leotards, footless tights, muslin cape/cover, denim covered circular container
Credit Line
Walker Art Center, Merce Cunningham Dance Company Collection, Gift of Jay F. Ecklund, the Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation, Agnes Gund, Russell Cowles and Josine Peters, the Hayes Fund of HRK Foundation, Dorothy Lichtenstein, MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation, Goodale Family Foundation, Marion Stroud Swingle, David Teiger, Kathleen Fluegel, Barbara G. Pine, and the T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 2011
Accession Number
.4 "8 665 415 036"; .6 "B"; .9 "BL"; .10 "M"; .14 "V"; .15 "C"; .16 "S"; .17 "SB"; .18 "C"; .30 "Cunningham Dance Co.-15"
Artwork © Robert Rauschenberg Foundation