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costumes for Pond Way

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COSTUMES: Matte cream lightweight silk jersey shirts and pants. Women's shirts are long sleeve midriffs. Men's shirts are long sleeve turtlenecks. Both styles of shirts and pants have slits at both side seams, creating a draped effect. All pants have thongs/dance belts sewn in. FIRST PERFORMANCE: Opera National de Paris/Palais Garnier, Paris, France; January 13, 1998 FIRST NY PERFORMANCE: New York State Theater; July 23, 1999 ORIGINAL CAST: Lisa Boudreau, Thomas Caley, Holley Farmer, Maydelle Fason, Jean Freebury, Matthew Mohr, Banu Ogan, Jared Phillips, Glen Rumsey, Jeannie Steele, Derry Swan, Robert Swinston, Cheryl Therrien MUSIC: Brian Eno; New Ikebukuro for three CDs DECOR: Roy Lichtenstein, Landscape with Boat, 1996 LIGHTING: David Covey
Lightweight silk jersey pants and tops
Credit Line
Walker Art Center, Merce Cunningham Dance Company Collection, Gift of Jay F. Ecklund, the Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation, Agnes Gund, Russell Cowles and Josine Peters, the Hayes Fund of HRK Foundation, Dorothy Lichtenstein, MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation, Goodale Family Foundation, Marion Stroud Swingle, David Teiger, Kathleen Fluegel, Barbara G. Pine, and the T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 2011
Accession Number
.1 KM; .2 KM; .3 DR; .4 DR; .5 CA; .6 CA; .7 AW; .8 AW; .9 MM (MK); .10 MM; .11 JC; .12 JC; .13 JG; .14 JG; .15 HF; .16 HF; .17 LB; .18 LB; .19 DS; .20 JB; .22 DSq; .23 DSq; .24 PC; .25 JS; .26 JS; .27 JB