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costumes for Split Sides

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COSTUMES: 2 sets of unitards worn by each dancer during the piece. One set is black and white patterned long sleeve unitards. One set is orange/red/purple/black patterned tank unitards with belled-out legs. FIRST PERFORMANCE: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York; October 14, 2003 ORIGINAL CAST: Cedric Andrieux, Jonah Bokaer, Lisa Boudreau, Ashley Chen, Paige Cunningham, Holley Farmer, Jennifer Goggans, Mandy Kirschner, Koji Mizuta, Daniel Roberts, Daniel Squire, Jeannie Steele, Derry Swan, Robert Swinston, Cheryl Therrien DECOR: Catherine Yass, Robert Heishman (2 decors) MUSIC: Radiohead, Sigur Ros (2 scores)
Long sleeve unitards, tank unitards with wide leg openings
Credit Line
Walker Art Center, Merce Cunningham Dance Company Collection, Gift of Jay F. Ecklund, the Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation, Agnes Gund, Russell Cowles and Josine Peters, the Hayes Fund of HRK Foundation, Dorothy Lichtenstein, MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation, Goodale Family Foundation, Marion Stroud Swingle, David Teiger, Kathleen Fluegel, Barbara G. Pine, and the T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 2011
Accession Number
.1 SR; .2 DC (DSq); .3 RS; .4 DM; .5 RM; .6 BC; .7 ED; .8 JG; .9 MM; .10 JC; .11 JS; .12 JH; .13 KN; .14 AW; .16 DC; .17 RS; .18 SR; .19 BC; .20 JH; .21 RM; .22 DM; .23 JC; .24 AW; .25 ED; .26 KN (PC); .27 JS; .28 MM; .29 JG; .30 MT