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Eye on You from Monodramas

overall sheet 10-15/16 x 19-13/16 inches
Photograph of an apartment building perched on a hill at the left side of sheet. Cinematic description of Monodramas segment featuring this image to the right of the photograph. Text: "Eye on You Early evening, a visibly tired young man is found at home in his second- storey apartment, eating warmed-up pizza, and watching the end of one of his favourite movies, Cape Fear. Directly besides his television set, the view beyond a balcony presents a minor highway that borders a light-industrial area. Throughout, the protagonist is obviously bothered by something, but even he is not entirely sure what this something might be. 1. Pizza in hand, he returns to his kitchen. The room is generally dim, but the darkness is punctuated by the flickering light typical of a television set. He passes by the TV to take in the view from his balcony. Something catches his attention. 2. He moves into a medium shot, then, as he looks down, the rhythm of his chewing slows. 3. A point-of-view shot presents the grassy, poorly maintained hill below, and a man standing perfectly still, staring at some distant object. 4. Return to shot 2., the man inside finally swallows. He then turns and rushes out of the frame. 5. Return to shot 3., the stranger gone. 6. Return to shot 4., the man gone. 7. From a position well below where the spectator had stood, the man is seen running down the hill and frantically looking for his stranger. 8. Return to something like shot 3., the man is seen in a familiar pose. Finally, he returns to look directly at the camera–with a empty mouth, he swallows once more. 9. Title: EYE ON YOU."
gelatin silver print
Credit Line
McKnight Acquisition Fund, 1996
Accession Number
in pencil on reverse at lower left "Monodramas (1991)" and at lower right "3/5"