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Kelie Bowman Box Set

The Kelie Bowman Box Set is a meditation on color, abstraction, and the idea of expanding one's view and finding solid ground amidst shifting landscapes. Accompanied by a list of contents, listing dates of publication, paginations, dimensions, mediums, etc. Housed in archival cardboard box with space dividers and illustrated title sheet mounted on cover. Untitled: a reversible structure made up of machine-sewn silkscreen shapes between chipboard covers. Signed by the artist, number 1 of 1. The Flood Series: Love is a Missing Person: a mass market paperback edition of M. E. Kerr's Love is a Missing Person hand-painted to become a flip-book charting the progress of rising floodwaters as they engulf the text. Signed by the artist, number 1 of 1. The Daybook: a 21 page risograph printed on ledger paper. Using hand colored and rubber stamped pages it charts metaphysical growth and expenditure. Housed in a manila envelope with unique painting. Signed by the artist, number 33 of 50. Google Eyed Shell: a found sea shell with google eyes glued on. Signed by the artist. Coming together, Coming Apart: a volume machine-sewn with silkscreen, acrylic paint and printed text. Signed by the artist, number 16 of 20. Limitless Range: blue & white risograph inspired by clouds. Folded sheet. Signed by the artist, number 43 of 50.
silkscreen; acrylic paint; risograph; rubber stamps; shell
Credit Line
Rosemary Furtak Collection, Walker Art Center Library
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